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The Iliac Crest

The ilium consists of a flared expanded upper part forming the iliac crests, the iliac spines, and a small inferior part forming two-fifths of the acetabulum.

A 23-year-old woman initiated a running program and after 2 months began experiencing right hip joint pain and sharp pain at the iliac crest. Following  Measuring leg-length discrepancy by the “iliac crest palpation ... Hanada E, Kirby RL, Mitchell M, Swuste JM. Measuring leg-length discrepancy by the “iliac crest palpation and book correction” method: reliability and validity. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy from the iliac crest • Oncolex

13 Oct 2017 The following is from Cristina Rivera Garza's novel, The Iliac Crest. An existential gothic tale about the high stakes of understanding the self.

10 Oct 2017 Cristina Rivera Garza This excavation of forgotten Mexican women writers illustrates how gendered language wields destructive power.

Iliac Crest Avulsion Fracture in a Young Sprinter - Hindawi

Iliac crest bone graft harvesting complications: A case of liver ... The iliac crest is an easily accessible donor site offering a relatively large and safe supply of bone. There are however possible complications; residual pain  Iliac Crest Tissue Transfer: Background, History of the ...