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Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings by Lynn M. LoPucki (2006-12-12)

The UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) is a data collection, data linking, and data dissemination project of the UCLA School of Law. ... cases filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, whether filed by the debtors or creditors. ... This dataset includes all of the data compiled by Lynn M. LoPucki and Joseph W. A Glossary of Bankrupcty Slang for the Occasional Practitioner ... 29 Oct 2004 ... M. HENDERSON, A TREATISE ON THE BANKRUPTCY LAW OF THE UNITED STATES ... action by creditors against insolvent debtors, the prevention of fraud and the administration of ...... LYNN M. LoPUCKI, STRATEGIES. The Geography of Bankruptcy - Vanderbilt Law Review Representing Creditors and Debtors in Large Bankruptcies (Apr. 10, 2003), .... shopping to Delaware bankruptcy courts); Lynn M. LoPucki & William C. Whitford, Venue ..... employ strategic arguments to avoid a change in venue, asserting that.

... Professor Lynn M. LoPucki at the UCLA School of Law; without his bankruptcy database, it would not have been ... given so that claims of third-party creditors may be satisfied from a ...... See Lynn M. LoPucki, WebBRD: A Window on the World of Big- ..... does not adopt as one of its goals the express strategy of leaving the. Design Flaws in the Bankruptcy Regime: Lessons from the UK ...

The Journal of the Section on Insolvency, Restructuring and Creditors' Rights ... Liquidation and Judicial Reorganisation Law becomes ..... gives credence to this strategy; ...... Am Bankr LJ 213, and Lynn M Lopucki, 'A Team Production Theory.


27 Nov 2018 existing bankruptcy law pertaining to venue for filing cases.. that the bankruptcy process can be manipulated to obtain strategic. of the creditors who are forced to deal with the debtor at its Professor Lynn M. LoPucki.

Kenneth M. Ayotte and Edward R. Morrison. †. Abstract ... has not eliminated the fundamental inefficiency of the bankruptcy process: resource allocation .... in wasteful strategies to delay a filing, as Adler, Capkun, and Weiss (2008) argue. .... from the work of Lynn LoPucki and William Whitford (1994, 723-36), who studied the. Routine Illegality in Bankruptcy Court Fee Practices 18 Apr 2009 ... 1 Lynn M. LoPucki is the Security Pacific Bank Professor of Law at the UCLA .... both the creditors and the bankrupt firm from excessive attorney's fees. ... their fees.16 Both strategies succeeded, resulting in a pattern of forum ... BREAKING BANKRUPTCY PRIORITY - Virginia Law Review 24 Sep 2013 ... creditors are entitled to no bankruptcy distribution unless and until senior ... ty); Lynn M. LoPucki & William C. Whitford, Bargaining over Equity's Share in the Bank- ... (proposing several strategic explanations for priority jumps). Hedge Funds and Chapter 11 - Managed Funds Association Hedge funds' participation in the bankruptcy process takes a variety of forms, includ- ... creditors or equity committee, and pursuing a “loan-to-own” strategy, whereby ..... The Lynn M. LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database is our starting point.