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Living in the Favor of God: A Study of the Beatitudes

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By looking at 10 people in Scripture who were clearly favored by God, we can learn more about what it is that attracts the heart and favor of God.God is looking 

The resources on this page are provided as enrichment to the study of the Brand new disciples of Jesus face the most exhilarating challenge of their lives.

11 Sep 2017 While describing characteristics of God's people to show them what they will experience in this life, Christ is also pronouncing God's favor upon 

21 Dec 2013 The sermon is preached at a mountain when Jesus saw the crowd The fourth beatitude is found in the book of Matthew chapter five The sermon on the mount shows us Jesus 's ethical teachings on how a person should live his or life, the Jesus uses these to explain God's favor towards those who are 

Beatitudes Lessons for Kids (Matthew 5:1-12) - Ministry-To ... 18 Feb 2019 These kids Bible lessons will teach the Beatitudes and what it. Here's a simple way to define what a blessing is: a blessing is God's gift favor in our lives, Over the next several weeks, we will study the Beatitudes one by