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4 Sep 2012 Meet six guerrilla leaders whose unconventional—and often barbaric—tactics played a major role in the Civil War. Antebellum Military Education of Civil War Leaders - Essential ...

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - University of Illinois Press First-hand accounts from both commanders and enlisted men of important leaders and major battles of the Civil War. Yankees and Rebels: Stories of U.S. Civil War Leaders ... Powerful leaders emerged during the victories and defeats of the Civil War. Meet the people who planned the battles, led the attacks, and shaped the war  Teaching Civil War Battles and Leaders through Classroom ...

Civil War Confederate Leaders. (ISBN 978-1-933122-77-9). The fight that split the United States also split the United States military, and this book tells the 

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War : being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers. Based on "The Century war series" published from  Confederate Leaders: The Civil War in Four Minutes - YouTube 25 Jun 2013 Join Historian Garry Adelman as he describes the most notable generals in the Confederate army. Watch now to discover how the leadership of  Civil War Leaders (1861-1865) - The American Civil War Generals and Political Leaders of the Civil War. Confederate Leaders. Includes Government Officials, Militia, Army and Navy Officers  People of the American Civil War | Biography Online

Brigadier General Albion P. Howe - American Civil War 3 Jul 2019 Brigadier General Albion P. Howe was a Union officer during the Civil War who rose to division command in the Army of the Potomac but was  Abraham Lincoln - Leadership in war |

The Civil War was often called the “Brother's War” because it pitted states, towns, villages, and even families against each other. Civil War Generals - HistoryNet Summary List of Famous Civil War Generals & Commanders during the General Nathaniel Banks was a hapless leader of the Union Army, suffering one. General Joseph Hooker was a major general for the Union during the Civil War and  Civil War Generals - Ducksters Joseph Hooker - General Hooker commanded at several major Civil War battles He is most famous for his bravery and leadership at the Battle of Gettysburg. Biographies of Civil War Leaders, Generals, Heroes, Soldiers ... Benjamin Harvey Hill , Confederate senator; Daniel Harvey Hill, Confederate general; John Bell Hood, Confederate general; Joseph Hooker, Union general.