What are the critical skills global managers need today compared to ten years ago? An interview with Harvard Business School professor Christopher A. Bartlett. In a 1992 article for Harvard Business Review, HBS professor Christopher A. Bartlett and co-author

Imperatives of Global Business: Innovation and Knowledge Management

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Creating the Optimal R&D Organization | Innovation Management In order to successfully optimize R&D’s contribution to business value, companies need to address the three key dimensions of structure, governance and process. From our extensive work with the R&D functions of leading global companies, we have identified How Effective Knowledge Management Fuels Business Agility Knowledge management is no longer just a “nice to have,” it is imperative for business agility, rapid execution, and driving innovation. Knowledge Management: Imperative for Agility According to management scholars Morten Hansen, Nitin Nohria, and Thomas Tierney, The New Global Business Manager - HBS Working Knowledge

The manager must be a knowledge leader who is fully versed in the tools of the trade and must also ensure that the enterprise has the proper technology at its disposal. 5. Creating and enhancing business processes, synthesizing and creating new knowledge and

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