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Spectacle definition is - something exhibited to view as unusual, notable, or entertaining; especially : an eye-catching or dramatic public display. How to use  SPECTACLE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary 5 days ago spectacle definition: 1. an unusual or unexpected event or situation that attracts attention, interest, or disapproval…. Learn more. Spectacle - Wikipedia In general, spectacle refers to an event that is memorable for the appearance it creates. Derived in Middle English from c. 1340 as "specially prepared or 

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Spectacle - KDE UserBase Wiki 2 Jul 2019 Spectacle is a utility for taking screenshots If already configured you can start Spectacle with Print Screen (can be also Prt sc) -button of  Spectacle - Screenshot Capture Utility - Spectacle is a simple application for capturing desktop screenshots. It can capture images of the entire desktop, a single monitor, the currently active window, the  spectacle - Dictionary Definition : A spectacle is something you can't believe you are seeing. Get on top of your desk at work in your underpants while playing the kazoo and you're making a  Spectacle 1.2 Free Download for Mac | MacUpdate

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