Version 4.1.0, 8 Apr 1999: The Jargon File rides again after three years. [MS-DOS] Of a TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) IBM PC program, such as the N A series of personal computer models originally sold by Commodore, based on 680x0 such as the Atari 800, Osborne, Sinclair, VIC-20, TRS-80, or IBM PC. 2.

Computer Programming for the Compleat Idiot for the Apple Ii/Iie, Commodore 64, IBM Pc/Pcjr, Trs-80 I/Iii,&

What to do with an old computer? - ToastyTech Home IE 4 is Evil! So you found an old computer or related accessories and you are asking yourself But if you found a green screen 1980's IBM PC/XT with a blazing fast And others enjoy the challenge of writing new useful program code under This includes Apple IIs, Amigas, TRS-80s, Commodore, TI-99/4a, S-100  What Would Computing Look Like Today If the ... - Ask Slashdot Sep 3, 2019 If Commodore and the Amiga had survived and thrived, there might have been four.. Or the TRS-80 Color Computer (Score:4, Insightful). Run Magazine -

The Tandy 1000 - The best MS-DOS computer in 1984. 30 Dec 2018 With the trs-80, line of computers in fact, by the mid 80s RadioShack, was the graphics, and sound from, the PC jr. into their new Tandy, 1000, system. that typically you'll hear it referred to as the Tandy, 3 voice system, and that's adsr, system like the sid chip has on the commodore 64, however, each,  POOH database - Fruttenboel

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The History of Visual Magic in Computers - Springer Link Jan 14, 2006 3. Clark, J. H. (1985). Graphics software standards and their evolution with Myer, T. H., & Sutherland, I. E. (1968).. science, and computers that make such 3D magic possible. 5.54 The Commodore PET had a 9-in. screen and a IBM Portable. TRS-80 model 200. Epson PX-8. IBM PCjr. Apple IIc. f - Paul Kaefer Unfortunately, this rendition is not legally valid: the circle must be complete.. The 16450 was used for the {IBM PC AT} and {PS/2} but will not work in a {IBM Programs with more than 64 kilobytes of code or data therefore had to waste time.. {Apple II}, {Commodore}, {Apple Computer} and {Atari} {personal computers}.

Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Accelerators, Part 3/25 Note from This page is part.. If you have a Bank Switch Card (extended 80-col card, Ramworks II, Titan 010- Is there an Apple II program for ham radio CW code practice? Apple II DOS, Commodore 64 DOS, and the DOS used on PC's are all called. Classic Computer Magazine Archive - Slashdot 11 Nov 2002 There's also a bit of text from Compute! and Compute! I had a 1541 and the idea that a Commodore 64 could be useful is slightly.. Mapping the IBM PC and PCjr.. This was an Apple II magazine that contained the complete source.. only one that had a TRS-80 Color Computer and read Hot CoCo?

Aug 25, 2012 chapter 0. This book looks at Unix (and Linux) shell programming and system. 1. cool shell tricks. 2. basics of computers. 3. Unix/Linux history.. IBM and HP both have their own commercial versions of Unix. idiot exception. Computers: DEC VAX-11; Apple II; TRS-80; Commodore PET; Cray 1A. -*-Text-*- ***WARNING***: Do NOT edit this file. It was created ...