These chants are part of the music Shinto worshippers offer the gods as praise and during the Middle Ages, the Christian church didn't allow dancing (some 

God of the Ages Chant

Scholars Say White Supremacists Chanting 'Deus Vult' Got ... 4 Sep 2017 It says the Middle Ages were complicated and diverse. I stand with God against the most violent false religion in the world. ULABY: These  Gregorian Chant Resources and History - Music Outfitters

The Kumulipo: a Hawaiian creation chant - Ulukau

10 Apr 2012 Following this psalm through the ages, one gets a sense of the musical in liturgical song—from plain chant to metered settings, from unison to harmony, attention to what God does for the psalmist's soul (convert, restore, 

The Kumulipo: a Hawaiian creation chant - Ulukau

Two Early Hawaiian-Christian Chants - John Charlot

God of the Ages by Daniel C. Roberts, 1841-1907 (Hymn #698, United Methodist Hymnal) from, with lyrics, texts, MIDI files, piano scores, ppt