Using a range of media, we researched the lives and achievements of two famous explorers, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We discussed the 

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The following is a list of explorers. Their common names, countries of origin (modern and former), centuries when they were active and main areas of exploration are listed below. Leif Erikson was a famous Norse explorer who is credited for being the first  Famous Explorers - The Greatest Explorers of All Time There are many people throughout history who had the spirit of an adventurer and decided to explore the unknown. In some cases, they risked their lives to  Famous Explorers Who Changed The Face Of The World

Famous Explorers: Lesson for Kids | Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be an explorer? Come and learn about Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand List of Famous Explorers - Biographies, Timelines, Trivia ...

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Famous Explorers Who Changed The Face Of The World

Videos | PBS World Explorers | PBS LearningMedia Some sailed across the Atlantic, others rocketed to the moon. Learn more about the lives and journeys of some of history's greatest explorers with our PBS World  Famous Explorers' Biographies - Famous Explorer Biographies, Famous Explorer Facts, Early Explorers' Biographies, Modern Explorers' Biographies, Space Explorers' Biographies, Maps of